Best Keyword Research Tools for Every Need [Free & Paid!]

Best keyword research tools


Which tool for keyword research is best for you? I discuss this article’s best keyword research tools for various objectives, levels of expertise, and financial constraints. A keyword research tool is required. Then you notice that both SEO and PPC keyword tools are available. Wide and long-tail keywords. Words used in social media. Questions. Prepositions. Tools that offer advice. Tools, including site, SERP, and competitor evaluations, are also available, in addition to pricing. Free for all time, free (but not really), paid (but overpriced), and not enough.

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Best free keyword research tools for PPC

These are the best tools to employ for your PPC keyword research, even though many platforms are known for SEO and PPC.

1. The Free Keyword Tool from WordStream

A free resource with tactical guidance? Sold!

Good for: PPC keyword research that is simple and painless.

Unique feature: Popular keywords database for 60 verticals, including strategic guidance.

Price: There is no cost for the first 25 results or the remaining results when delivered via email.

You can enter a term or URL in To obtain a list of pertinent keywords, use WordStream’s free keyword tool. Recommendations include related and long-tail versions and information on search volume, competition, and CPC. Additional filters include the location (for more than 23 countries) and industry (by 24 different verticals). The top 25 keywords will be available right away from the tool. Simply enter your address to receive the complete list free of charge.

2. Google Keyword Planner

To get information directly from the source.

Good for: PPC account insights and intermediate to advanced keyword research.

Bidding data and sophisticated attribute filtering are standout features.

If you have an active Google Ads account, it’s free.

Use the search bar on Google’s Keyword Planner to enter one or more phrases to see information on the typical search volumes regularly, 30-day research statistics, three-month and year-over-year changes, and competition for the keywords you choose and similar terms (low, medium, high).

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3. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Keyword Planner Tool

It’s a mouthful, but it serves as a good prelude to what comes next.

Good for: Cross-channel marketing advanced keyword research.

Strong list structure and keyword research templates are unique features.

With a Microsoft Ads account, it is free.

You may paste a list of keywords into the free Excel plugin provided by the Microsoft Keyword Planner Tool to get a massive list of keyword recommendations, complete with metrics for volume, clicks, searches, cost-per-click (CPC), bid estimates, match type, and [a tonne of other] information.


So far, we have discussed the best keyword research tools. The truth is that searching for queries via mining Google autocomplete is a waste of time. The same is true when combining data in spreadsheets from several free keyword tools. Aim to use that time for more vital duties like link development or content generation.

Free keyword tools are helpful when you start out, but as your website grows and the competition increases, you’ll need to invest in paid products to stay on top.

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