Top Players Involved In PCB Design & Manufacturing Cycle


A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is ubiquitous across every electronic device. Irrespective of the size or functionality of the device, PCB is an integral part of the product design. They are responsible for driving the various processes of the appliances. As an electronics company, you need reliable PCB design services to operate the device efficiently. Every component must find its place at the right spots to ensure the proper functionality of the unit. The PCB board design and the manufacturing cycle are slightly complicated because of its widespread presence and use.

In a PCB design cycle, multiple stakeholders must work together. This blog will list the major players involved in the successful production of a Printed Circuit Board design and take a deep dive into the entire process.

PCB Designer

It all starts with the PCB designer. Every board consists of various components such as transistors, diodes, resistors, and capacitors. Hence, the decision of the PCB designing team concerning the choice of the components and their arrangement greatly influences the quality of the circuit board design. The design process has four significant steps:

  • Parts selection – Research and select the latest components as per the design purpose and budget.
  • Schematic capture – Designing the layout and evaluating the influence of each element on the board design.
  • Board layout design – Once the schematics are prepared, a physical prototype is developed to test the board’s efficiency in practical situations. It is done with the help of 3D modeling services where the designer uses electronic design automation to convert the schematics into a 3D output.
  • Verification – The prototype is put to various tests and assessments. If everything meets the desired standards, the PCB design is exported in Gerber format for physical manufacturing.

Component manufacturers 

The next stakeholder in the process is component designers. They place a significant role as an innovator in the design cycle. It is their sole responsibility to continually enhance the efficiency of the existing designs and make them more productive.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly 

Each component must go in its assigned spot. This step requires meticulous assembly that is usually done in large-scale facilities. Automation takes care of some of the workflows. However, a considerable amount of work is still performed by skilled PCB assemblers.

Final implementation into the device

The finished PCB goes into the device during the overall product design. Similar to PCB assembly, this step is also done in a factory setting with a mix of automation and manual labor on the production line. When the PCB reaches its final destination, the confluence of parts from various countries and the expertise of multiple designers are striking.

How CAD developed the PCB industry?

Previously, the PCB design process was tedious. Each step must be performed manually. With the advent of CAD, it became a standard operation to design 2D and 3D models for the board. 3D modeling enabled the designers to evaluate and conduct better quality checks virtually. Therefore, CAD streamlined the process and minimized the need for arduous manual labor.

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