Types of Certification for The German Language

Types of certification for the German language

For many reasons, german language certification is needed for expats in Germany. With Academies providing guidance and exams around the globe, it’s feasible to receive accredited certification in Germany as well as abroad. 

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Different Types of German Language Certification

Various german language exams and certifications are available that can boost your german speaking and writing skills. Depending on your requirements like study or immigration and work, certification may be varied. Let us discuss the approved german language certification in Germany.

Goethe Certification

Goethe institute is run and funded by a German government that encourages cultural interaction and german learning. It was established in 98 countries. overall 159 institutes are owned by Goethe. They structured the examinations in 6 levels. Those certifications can be used for citizenship, university entrance, etc.

Telc Deutsch

This institute was spread in 20 different countries and has 2000 examination centers and offers certification in ten languages. Telc Deutsch german language certification exams related to CEFR levels but it also has peculiar exams that concentrate on topics like language in the working area, university entrance, etc. Telc Deutsch certifications are globally recognized.


This German language certification for outsider German speakers particularly focused on people who desired to study at or work in, German colleges. TestDaf institute has been established in 95 countries globally, plus 170 examination centers in Germany.

All candidates can able to attend the identical exam and are graded groups 3 – 5, which are largely related to the CEFR levels B2 – C1. Reaching level 4 is enough to get the admission necessities of all colleges in Germany. Some colleges welcome students with lower scores. To get a high score, enroll yourself in Online German Language Course.

DSH Certification

DSH german language exams and certifications are welcome by German colleges and universities. The core distinct in DSH certification is that Certifications are only accepted in Germany and not valid in other countries. Exam candidates take tests on reading, writing, listening, and oral examination.

German language proficiency

The listed certificates for the German language guide to the levels set out in the CEFR. The CEFR is a global benchmark for describing language proficiency. It evaluates language students on their language writing, speaking skills etc.


Here, we listed the different types of german language exam and certifications. We hope this information will be beneficial for the german language learner. If you desired to enhance your German language proficiency, step into FITA Academy for the advanced German Classes in Coimbatore with accredited certification.

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