What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Metal-Colored Roofing Sheets?

Many house owners commonly use metal roofing sheets to enhance the outlook of the house. They choose metal-coloured sheets over the roof tiles and asphalt shingles. Nowadays, metal sheets are manufactured with a wide variety of colours according to the customers’ satisfaction. Traditionally used metal sheets are dull and pale without any colour and paint. Many manufacturers produce coloured sheets with vibrant colours to increase the beauty of the house or organization. Hence, in recent times, demand for metal-coloured sheets has increased significantly. These coloured sheets not only improve the appearance but also protect people from extreme weather conditions. Therefore, in this post, listed below are some benefits of choosing metal-coloured sheets.

Rich colours:

The foremost benefit of using metal-coloured roof sheets is they are rich in colour. Most of the manufacturers use paints, like blue, green, white, and many more. The jsw colour coated sheets have a coating consisting of aluminium, zinc, and silicon and thus making the sheet resistant to corrosion. Hence, there is no chance of oxidation, and the colour stays for a longer time. These sheets are also available in different shapes and sizes, with decorative combinations according to the home’s style.

Climatic condition:

The second prime benefit of using the coloured sheet is they protect people from extreme weather conditions. The roofing panel with light colour will reflect the sunlight to the maximum and gives a cold environment even in hot weather conditions. The light-coloured roofing panel is suitable for the tropical region where sunlight is at maximum. The dark-coloured roofing panel absorbs the sunlight and makes the surroundings hotter. Hence, it is perfect for people who live in cold conditions throughout the year. Thus, metal-coloured sheets act as an ideal conditioner to maintain the temperature.

High strength and low weight:

The metal-coloured sheets are light in weight and yield high tensile strength to withstand harsh weather conditions. Manufacturers use pure steel that is light in weight with excellent tensile strength for the roofing panel. These sheets weigh 6-10 kg/m and yield stability of about 550 mpa-770 mpa. The outer layer of the sheet is coated with anti-corrosion technology and also acts as a waterproofing agent.


The roofing panel is painted with specialized paint specially designed for the roofs. These paints do not fade due to sun, heat, wind, or rain and last for a longer time. Some people like to paint their roofs, so using acrylic latex or oil-based alkyd paint is an ideal solution.

Hence, JSW roofing sheet dealer in Chennai offers quality and high-standard roofing panels to their customers. Therefore, it’s time to change the traditionally used sheets into a new coloured roofing panel.

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