What to try wallpaper to your room but confused with what you want to choose?


Wallpaper is one of the alternative ways to make your room attractive. Wallpaper is available in various colours, patterns, even textures, and from modern to traditional designs, etc. This wallpaper adds depth and beauty to your space. Wallpaper is a simple and elegant way to elevate your room. And it is easy to install wallpaper. Here are wallpaper ideas from Interior Designers In Chennai and these ideas can truly transform your boring rooms into an amazing area.

Try graphic-

When graphic is your choice, go with amazing patterns. Don’t resist to add mix and matching of various patterns available out there. Trust me it is an amazing idea to make it eye-catching. The best way to add different patterns together is to scale up each other and patterns with complimentary colours.

Try ceiling wallpaper-

Think about your 5th wall of your room, yes it’s ceiling. It is not a famous idea to decorate your ceiling with wallpaper. But adding wallpaper to your ceiling is fun and pop of colour in the wall is normal but in the ceiling is not a popular one but it works amazingly. Adding wallpaper to your ceiling adds more depth to your room and makes it look larger in appearance.

Try monochrome-

The neutral tone room can be bolded with bold wallpaper and you can tone up the rest of your space by installing colours. Choosing a simple hue of colour and decorating it with decor items like vases, chandelier, and other accessories works amazing and it makes the focal point.

Try metallic-

Metallic means cosy and adding a splash of golden and silver makes your room shine and luxury. Try to install wallpaper with flecks of gold look which gives bold and graphic patterns which look like an amazing art work.

Try vintage-

Vintage feelings like muted colours with peaceful feeling. Vintage-inspired wallpaper gives a space to add a more traditional feel to your area. Look for patterns which contain intricate tiny details and muted colours.

Try large pattern-

If you have a tiny room but want to make it feel larger, try to opt for a wallpaper with a large print and pictures. It can actually help to make your room appear larger and more open with deeper depth. However, try to avoid hanging artwork over the wallpaper which can make a small space look clumsy and disturbing to the viewers.

Try grey colour wallpaper-

Grey is a calming colour and it gives a cosy feeling for your area. It is a good choice for your bedroom because it gives a soothing vibe to your space. And it can combine to make it modern with adding a few pops of bold colour alongside it.

Thus, try these amazing ideas from popular Interior Decorators In Chennai to make your room attractive in a simple manner at minimal cost. It is loved by everyone, especially children. It creates joyful feelings for them.

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