Things To Remember About The Canada Express Entry Program

A Canada express entry program is a immigration system that is point-based for those willing to settle in Canada. The points are given based on experience, skills, territorial nomination, Canadian employment status, and many more. This program will help to provide permanent residency for the migrants under the worker’s category. Many Visa Consultants in Chennai help the migrants to get Canada’s PR through an express entry program. However, people find it hard to approach visa consultants without essential documents. Hence, in this post, some things to remember about the Canada express entry program are discussed below.

Not a first preference process:

The foremost factor to remember in Canada express entry program is, the program is not a first-in-first-out process. Canada Pr consultants in Chennai select the best application among the applicants. Unlike other migrant programs, the Canada express entry program will offer PR only for an applicant with a skilled job offer in Canada. Hence, those people only receive an invitation to the program.

Professional workers:

PR is offered to the workers who come under the law “Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in Canada. The low-wage workers who come under the LMIA act are not applicable for the Canada express entry program. On the other hand, if the immigrant’s work comes under the Canada express entry program as a skilled worker, the immigrant is applicable for the program. The applicant is qualified for the program despite being a low-wage worker under the LMIA act.

Language and credential assessment:

It is a document that is essential during the immigration process. The applicants are advised to have language and credential assessment certificates before creating a profile in the  Canada express entry program. Because, after clearing the initial process, the applicant has only 60 days to get a PR and language and credential assessment certificate. If the applicant fails to provide the documents, they might need to start from the beginning.

Incomplete application:

All the applications are filed electronically, and the incomplete applications are rejected and pushed to the initial stage. Before, the Canadian immigration department allowed the applicants to update or make changes in the application after the submission. Nowadays, Canada express entry programs have changed their rules and follow strict regulations.


Therefore, availing PR through the Best Immigration Consultants in Bangalore under the Canada express entry program is simple with small efforts. Hence, consider the factors suggested in the post before consulting the visa consultants.

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