The demand for white box testing

White box testing is demanded continuous testing to complete the testing process within the given time and to maintain the quality in the testing process. On olden days testers and developers work in a different environment and it is not required for a tester to know the coding. The model of testing without the knowledge of coding is called black box testing. Adhering to that, the agile model and the DevOps model in the organizations are changing the job role of the developers and testers. Nowadays developers should know the testing knowledge and the testers should be aware of the coding knowledge. The model of testing the functionality and the coding is called as unit testing or white box testing. Join the Manual Testing Course in Chennai to know about how testing plays a great role in the testing domain.

Why is agile testing increasing?

In the digital world, the user experience and the Google listing is important for a business to improve the sales and make their brand name popular. Constant change is important to manage the internal operations of the organization, understand the competition level of the rivals, integrate with the new technologies and record the old process for future reference. The agile method breaks the process, do constant changes and record the process for the future. So, these key elements show that agile is the future of the manual and the automation testing. Manual Testing Training provides in-depth knowledge about the agile testing and different types of test cases used for the business.

Why is manual testing important to learn to understand the automation?

Automation testing is also encountering errors in some applications. So, learning the time management and writing the test case effectively is very important before learning the automation tool. The UI testing requires the proper image placement, element placement, the element alignment and the logo interpretation are some of the functions which are handled by the manual testing. So, it is important to know the manual testing before learning the automation testing. Manual testing is conceptual and understands the end users concerns. Join the Manual Testing Course before learning any automation tool. Because tool usage gives you the idea about the different scenarios of product testing but manual testing ensures perfection in the testing process. Manual testing is of many types like core functional testing, GUI testing, DB testing, usability testing, regression testing, sanity testing, cross-browser testing, E2E testing, and business process testing. Automation testing works with the instruction given manually by the tester. Learning the manual testing before entering into the automation industry is the best way to learn from the basics. So, manual testing is a vast subject and learning manual testing widens your knowledge towards automation testing. There are so many best training institutes in Chennai to provide the Manual Testing Training in Chennai.


There are some applications which cannot be tested through automation testing. So, manual testing is used in the complex scenario and it is cost effective also. It helps to understand the business logic and help to maintain the quality of the testing process.

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