Automating Functional Testing using Selenium

At present, the market is getting overwhelmed with lots of programming and android applications that are launched routinely. It is quite tough for the mobile app or software to get the first impression as the best impression from the customers. Even a single error can make the customer move on to your competitor. To avoid such cases it is important to test the software to deliver the app without any bugs. This makes the user sustain to your product forever. This makes the Selenium Training in Chennai in high demand even by most of the working professional.

Today, numerous software applications are composed of web applications to keep running in a web browser. Each organization is following a different methodology to test the software also the quality and effectiveness vary widely in each company. Every company must follow an effective functional testing for validating that the application meets the requirements and gives the expected result.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing implies, to test the software application against the business prerequisites to guarantee that all functionalities are working as expected. As the clients are currently focused, functional testing is executed according to the client’s point of view to affirm limit the danger of potential errors.

Functional Testing normally includes black box testing, where quality testers concentrate only on software features without testing the internal code structure. This sort of testing concentrate software specification and requirement, i.e. the structure of the Selenium framework will not consider; just the modules behavior and functionality are tested.


Selenium, a web testing tool, it uses simple scripts to run the test case directly in the browser. In simple, Selenium automates browsers and it is a software testing framework for web apps that give a playback/record tool for authoring tests without any knowledge in test scripting. Even it provides test domain-specific language to compose test in various programming languages like Java, C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, and Perl.

Why Selenium used for functional testing

Currently, many global organizations are facing the challenges to increasing the performance and solving critical issues. So most of the organizations use agile methodologies to satisfy the requirements. So using selenium tool for functional testing makes the software more strong. Make use of Selenium Training to test the software effectively. Only the Selenium Course in Chennai from the reputed training institute makes you gain more knowledge in Selenium.