Is Organic Milk Healthier Than Conventional Milk?

In this modern world, the interests and desires of people change over time. In the same way, people replaced their conventional milk with organic milk because of its enormous benefits. Organic milk is from cows that are not treated with any antibiotics or injected with any hormonal growth. The pure cow milk in Chennai is from the cows fed and grazed on green pasture for 120 days of the year. Hence, organic milk is very nutritious to consume to improve the quality of life. Hence, listed below are some factors that determine organic milk is healthier than conventional milk.

Nutritional facts:

There is an increased demand for organic milk in Chennai due to the nutritional deficiency in regular milk. The main component in the milk is the Beta-casein protein in the milk. There are two A1 and A2 Beta-casein variants in the milk. A1 protein found in regular milk is harmful and causes type 1 diabetes, ischaemic heart disease, digestive problems, and many more. A2 protein is rich in Indian cow milk and increases the immunity level in humans. Hence, organic milk is natural and free from all harmful effects.

Unprocessed milk:

Organic milk is unprocessed and unadulterated milk, unlike regular milk. Commercial dairies use various techniques and methods like homogenization and pasteurization to preserve the milk. The shelf life of regular milk is much lower compared to organic milk. The farmers give organic fodder free from chemicals and pesticides to their cows and obtain unadulterated milk. Hence, organic milk is an ideal option to choose over regular milk.


Organic milk is obtained from native cows such as Umbalacheri, Kageyama, and Ongole. Therefore, the milk is obtained in its purest form. Many farmers have their cows and feed organic green fodder grown with the help of organic manure. Organic milk contains high-quality protein and calcium which is an essential for the development of bones in children.


There are many-flavored milk additives added with sugar which are available in the market. In some cases, food adulterants are added to increase the flavor of the milk and for preservation. It affects the body in several ways resulting in various dysfunction of the whole system. Hence, choosing organic milk is advisable and healthier.

Hence, choosing fresh cow milk in Chennai is healthier than conventional milk. Therefore, consider the benefits shared in the post to lead a healthy life.

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