Key Challenges faced by Android Developers

Android developers face huge challenges like choosing the right operating system from the Google, designing the hardware like the size, shape and the keyboard, camera, making changes in the Android OS as per the business requirement, cost, security issues, etc. It’s the role of the android developers to understand the business need and also it is important to safeguard the app from the hackers. The version of OS plays a great role in hacking. Hacking the old version is easy whereas it is difficult to hack the new Android version. To reduce the challenges faced by the Android developers there is constant change in the android development. Let me discuss some of the new features in the android development to improve the user experience and business opportunity. The knowledge derived from the Android Training in Chennai aid to understanding the latest changes in the Android development. Android Jet pack, Kotlin, Android studio 3.2 ganry, Android app bundle, and Android things 1.0 are some of the supporting software to support the Android development. Let me discuss the Key Challenges faced by Android Developers in detail.

Android Jetpack

The Android jetpack has five new components to support the Android developers. The work manager helps the developers to develop the app without the support of the Google play services, one can create the graph of their work, use the queries to know about the status of the work, it provides the ability to sync the adaptors and provide a modern API to the website. If you are interested in understanding the technicality behind the android phones then join the Android Training to widen your knowledge. The UI design should give access to navigation to share the data with other for in-app navigation. Android studio 3.2 helps for the visual management of all the navigation. The content view is always different in the Android and desktop. So, the content with large datasets and scrolling speed is important to market the content to the end user. The paging component, in the latest version of the android which aids in the speed and size of the data required for the Android phones. Learning Android Course in Chennai with the expert trainers gives in-depth knowledge to clear the android interviews. Slices are used to place the app inside the Google assistant. Android KTX helps to transform the Kotlin language and use the coding to the android development.


Kotlin is a simple language which makes the Android development process comfortable. There are so many Android Training Institutes in Chennai to provide the practical oriented training. Practical learning gives clarity about the subject. It seamlessly integrates with the required plugins for the Android development. Java, swift, ruby and groovy all are the programming languages to support the functionalities of the Android development. Learning a new language widens the knowledge and provokes the new ideas for the Android development. It helps to detect the error during the compile process and the runtime error is eliminated.

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