How to use blogs for learning English

Reading blogs is one of the proper methods to learn English, since most blogs are updated you can get current information in various ways. Also, some blogs are very interesting to read so that you can learn with funny information. Magazines and newspapers must be in formal since it is owned by reputed companies. But in the internet, blogs are owned by only a single person they will use only an informal language and share their knowledge since they are a normal person like us.

The advantage in blogs to improve your English is an interactive session you can get an opportunity to interact with the people through comments in the blogs where people also will reply to your comment. Make use of social media to develop your fluency in English. If you are not comfortable in self-learning, take up the Spoken English Classes in Chennai that will guide you on the right path with an experienced trainer. Let us discuss the various ways to utilize blogs to learn English.


Use RSS reader which is a tool to give you notifications when the blogs have new posts because when you find a right blog, it is difficult to get back into the blog so RSS reader is the best way to find out.

Make predictions

First of all, have a look at the blog by reading the post title and get some idea about it. It is the easy to way to know whether the post is relevant to you or not.

Find out the main ideas

After you make predictions read the blog for general context. Try to understand the main idea in the post and don’t worry about the unknown words and grammar, that will help you to learn the English language

Take printout to go deeper

Take a printout and read the blog thoroughly and side by side use English-English dictionary for unknown words. Register the new words in a notepad or any system and make sure you learn the new word with any sentence that will help you to remember the words.

Have you learned any new topic in grammar?  for e.g. preposition is the new topic you have learned means try to underline each and every proposition in any one of the paragraphs.

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